The “What’s Metal Radioshow” on OS Radio 104.8 FM is broadcasting Heavy Metal in Northern Germany since 1996. Our team is comprised of four dedicated fans of this extreme style of music and presents the show live on Thursdays from 10-12 PM, covering the hottest new releases, rarities and classics. Interviews with local, national and international artists are a central part of each show; often bands join us live in the studio to present their newest outputs. A special section covers upcoming gigs in the broadcasting area and airs up-to-date news. This brew gets spiced up by presenting hopeful unsigned bands from the international underground.

To make one thing very clear: The “What’s Metal Radioshow” is completely independent of any financial interests and record label politics. We don’t get paid for our job; we aren’t dependent on any commercials or advertisings; we won’t play any songs on the show just because a label asks us to. Every single song gets picked for the sole reason that we like it and that we want to support the band and its label. All upcoming costs for the show are paid from our own pockets.

If your band or label wants to submit material for the show please use the address below. We are interested in all varieties of metal, ranging from prog to the wildest noise and from doom rock to the harshest black metal. Check the playlists section to get an impression.

What's Metal Radioshow
c/o Karsten Eickhoff
Ravensbrink 17 B
49082 Osnabrück

If you have any further questions contact us by email:
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