What’s Metal? Thats me!!! My life!!! Our radioshow!!! Everything I do or wanna do – That’s Metal!!!
First time I got in touch with Hard Rock/Heavy Metal was in 1979, at the fragile age of 10. Some boys from the neighbourhood and their elder brothers were already addicted to hard music (especially AC/DC) and brought that stuff to school. Since then I am lost. Guitar oriented music ruled my life. Still, it took about 3-4 years until albums like Accept’s "Balls to the wall" or Iron Maiden’s "Number of the beast" and the then prospering Bay Area Thrash Scene totally converted me to Metal.

From there it went on rapidly. First underground concerts were attended, bigger events followed and finally the first Open Air. And what a cracker to start off with: Monsters of Rock 1988 in Schweinfurt, the last Monsters of Rock on German soil!!! At the end of 1994 I heard about plans for a public radio station in the region of Osnabrück. Rob Halford just stated “Metal is dead” when we decided to focus on exactly that kind of noise to give a wide audience accessibility to our music. Since October 1996 we rock on air. Stay Hard JD