Metal, the loveliest thing in the world.

The beginning:
It simply started with good music – metal of course. Image didn’t matter as I was only ten years of age when my brother came into my room in 1989, carrying Metallica’s „...and justice for all“. From this day onwards metal belonged to my life like potatoes with sauce.

The specialties:
Today I always feel as if everything I hear already had been done before: Neo-Thrash, Metal Core and also Gothik Metal. They are all mixtures of established, formerly „innovative“ genres like Heavy, Thrash, Death or Black Metal. Real news is not in sight. However, you’ll be able to find those musical refinements that are the rays of hope for the future.

An example:
Everyone knows the judgment of the lay people: „Metal is only noise produced by the talentless.“

An answer might be:
Picking Cradle of Filth’s “Damnation and a day” from the CD rack to feed the player with a technically challenging album. The beforehand critical listener will be confronted with an extreme example of complex acoustic irradiation.

The result:
The critic might be enlightened as long as he/she possesses a grain of musical understanding.

The hope:
Maybe there will be one more person that was caught by a passion for metal. Maybe one more person will help to hold up the flag of metal to ensure that the concert halls will be filled also in future times.

Metal for me means to be active: Heading to gigs, making music, chatting about the newest releases with friends, reading and writing about it. Finally, the passion for metal will be kept alive with new inspirations. If you are not active your passion for music will faint. <