He is known as Friso Gentsch, digging the harder side of musical expression for more than XX years now. It all started out with a band called "Vendetta" that he blocked his tape deck with for ~6 month in a row in the late 1980s – in fear there might be something better out there! And there was something better. New discoveries came in sight at the still narrow horizon of metal. It resulted from open mindedness to new impulses that what before escaped human imagination was discovered in these compositions. Heavy Metal is one of the most underrated categories of music, and enjoying its musical insularity easily results in social exclusion and the spitting image of the typical metal fan that we all happily take for granted. Our microcosm is alive and lives on its natural powers: There is the underground, the substance that gives birth to its own children, a culture that shrinks itself down to a healthy size. Everything is real, natural and generous. There is no sign of retorts or thrown-together extravaganza that the trendy pack is drooling over. Who needs these damn fashion advisors that take from you what makes you unique: Your individuality! Your creativity! Your passion and dedication! Metal can only be a way of life that has grown on a musical fundament.

This is my little answer to our big question.