Whats Metal? Uhm, well, here we go: “Heavy Metal is typically characterized by a guitar-and-drum-dominated sound, strong rhythms and classical, bluesy or symphonic styles, characterised by the use of highly-amplified distortion. However, Heavy Metal sub-genres have their own stylistic variations on the original form that often omit or alter many of these characteristics. There is a very wide variety of sounds and styles within the genre of Metal.” So far, so good, so what…else? What about the blood, the sweat, the tears, the aggression, the passion, the attitude, the booze, the clichees, the good friendly violent fun and the fact that you are instinctviely forced to scream SLAYER as loud as you can wherever your are?! Life it, feel it, hear it, breath it and just be the person you wanna be. Yeah, that’s metal! And don´t forget to think! It´s easy to be different but it´s challenging to be special. As Mike Muir (Suicidal Tendencies) once said: “Cool is just two letters away from fool.” Let the metal flow!